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Welcome to free range print! This is the online incarnation of an Ottawa-based artists' group - a forum, bulletin board, and springboard for publishing and performance. Anyone who wants to contribute or comment is more than welcome - drop us a line, or sign in to the message board (when we get it up...)and hold forth!

This is Important

The State of Modern Censorship

Click here for an article that says some really scary things about what is being done to silence art. And also some important things about why poetry is strong enough to scare the right people. Read this. React.

scandalled eggs
photo by Stephanie Regan, 2003

What's New

Call for Submissions!
We're looking for chapbook submissions to put on the table at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair June 12th. Any style, any length, from one page to about 20 (no novella-length submissions please!) Short stories, poetry collections, graphics, etc. We'll print them for you and you'll make a few bucks on the sales! We're also looking for single poems for a poetry poster/broadsheet soon to make its appearance on telephone poles and bulletin boards around Ottawa. To find out more or to send in a submission, click the link below.

Small Press Submissions

We've added a "political action" page to keep track of the battle against evil. The list of featured readers till midsummer and beyond is up - and coming soon, a page of things we think you ought to check out if you're in Ottawa.
And: candid photography (nudge nudge wink wink) from the first Dusty Owl reading of the millennium!