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Check out the article below. There are some links at the bottom to more information and other groups doing something about this. This is a scary precedent. But look at it on the bright side. Art and literature scare the Forces of Evil.

The State of Modern Censorship

The Dusty Owl gets political:
March 4th, 2004: "Art Attack" - a rally organized by the Ottawa Jazz Festival. 1200 concerned citizens took their lunch hours to come down to City Hall, sing, dance, chant, listen to speakers, and finally sweep through City Hall singing to protest cuts to not only the arts, but recreation, city services, seniors, health care, and youth services throughout Ottawa! "Dusty Owl sez: Cut the BS, not the arts!"

Kate's Open Letter to the City Council

Cathy's Letter (and responses!)

March 6, 2004: March of Hearts - a march from the Human Rights Memorial to Parliament Hill along with Queer McGill, PFLAG, GLBT Carleton, and other lesbian, gay, bi and transgendered groups from universities all over Ontario in support of equal marriage. "Dusty Owl sez: Love is Love."

"And they say it shouldn't bother / anybody / outside of a small circle of friends"
         - Phil Ochs