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The Owl Flies Again . . .

Grand Owl - Joseph Cornell

The Dusty Owl - "a nonprofit, nonpartisan force for Good."
Yes, indeed. March 2004 saw the revival of the Dusty Owl reading series, which many moons ago was held regularly at the late and lamented Cafe Wim. Now, the Dusty Owl spreads its wings again every third Sunday of the month, from 5:00 to 7:00, at Swizzles Bar & Grill (246-A Queen Street, at Queen and Kent: below the Thai Garden Restaurant.)
The June reading, on June 20th, will kick off something we hope will become a tradition with the Owl - an open-book, free-for-all reading of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Anyone who wants to come and pick up a part will be more than welcome. Copies of the play will be provided. The reading will be starting a little early, around 3:00 pm, to allow for casting and time to read the whole play. More details coming soon! We would also like to mention that we will be collecting donations for the Leukemia Research Foundation at the reading, in memory of Randolph Stansfield, a Canadian diplomat and father of two of our friends.
And, as always, you're more than invited to stick around after the reading for an open mike session and on into Dog & Pony Sound's karaoke show after 7:00. . . 
Reading schedule for the rest of the year:
June 20: Special Midsummer edition: A Midsummer Night's Dream, by some guy named Will, read by an assorted cast of foolish mortals. 
July 18: Archibald Lampman Award nominee rob mclennan takes the stage.
August: Two readings in August: an open mike on August 15th, hosted by owl Nick Tytor, and on August 22nd, owl Stephanie Regan and her blues band have their premiere performance!
September 19th: Cool snap: Spoken word virtuoso Oni the Haitian Sensation.
October 17th: Bring your spooky stories, your grim fantasies, your Edgar-Allen-Poe-tinged flights of fancy and scare the hoot out of us. . . Open mike for the creepy and the downright strange.
November 21: TBA...
December 19th: The Dusty Owl Chocolate House: a traditional winter favorite returns. . .
 Remember, if it looks like it was typed on an IBM Selectric, it probably was. . .

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The Dusty Owl

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