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Works in progress . . .

The work presented here is up for comment and exposure. It's all in progress, and of course it's all copyright the authors. People who steal art get reincarnated as dysentery amoeba, so it's just wise to respect people's stuff. That said: click, read, and let us know what you think!


The first fiction is up!
free range print presents for your reading entertainment - the first couple of pages of "Chill," a short story in a series featuring the little-known Paranormal Studies Lab at Ottawa U. . . and the first chapter (in progress) of The Passing of Arthur King (another tale set in an Ottawa university, coincidentally.)
More to come. . .

Chill - by Kathryn Hunt

The Passing of Arthur King (Chapter I) - by E. Steven Zytveld

Poetry & Spoken Word

'Idealized Dream' - by Catherine Macdonald-Zytveld

"The Man" - by Catherine MacDonald-Zytveld

"Manifesto Hallelujah" - by K8

Coming soon: more stuff to read!