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Contributing Authors and Artists

Here's who we are: email addresses will be provided if the author says it's okay, and you're welcome to email directly to offer comments (no flames, please!) People are listed here in alphabetical order.

Rachel Dorrenbacher
is an artist and writer and craftsperson, recently relocated to Morrisville, North Carolina. She designs and makes jewelry, remodels dolls (see the Gallery,) hot-rods clothing, draws, and writes, among other things.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog

Kathryn Hunt (K8)
Born in Detroit. Raised in and declares allegiance to New Brunswick. Has lived in Canada, the USA, Germany, Australia, England and Japan. Currently hangs hat in Ottawa, which is far cooler than it's given credit for (and has bridge trolls). Writes poetry, makes jewelry (check out the website), and would really love to be mistaken for a novelist someday. K8's website & E-mail

Catherine MacDonald-Zytveld
is a mixed media artist, photographer and writer, and an actual native of Ottawa (yes, there is such a thing!) Her bio will be up here shortly.



Stephanie Regan has tried out news reporting, entertainment writing, media relations, writing advertorial and unemployment. A million years ago she won a prize at Carleton University for a short story and one of these days she plans to win something again.

She's trying to write a novel, and recently started singing in a blues band. The Government of Canada is currently renting her soul. In return she maintains one of The Man's websites and sometimes drafts messages to his minions.

She also likes to photograph eggs.

JJ Stansfield is working on her bio, which should be pretty interesting, given the number of places she's been in her life.

Nick at the Laff

Nick Tytor will have a bio up here shortly.


E. Steven Zytveld was born in Kamloops, B.C., in 1968 and has lived his life since -- sometimes to his despair, often to his delight -- in Ottawa, where he dwells in a cramped book-filled apartment with his wife Catherine. Writer, publisher, editor, host of poetry readings, mediaeval scholar, photographer, conservative philosopher, defender of William Bligh of the Bounty, avid home-canner, friend of guinea pigs and horses everywhere. Favourite authors include Geoffrey Chaucer, Edmund Burke, Alan Ginsberg, Winston Churchill, Hunter S. Thompson, Robertson Davies, H.P. Lovecraft, Ian Fleming, and J.R.R. Tolkien (his scholarly work especially!).

More bios coming!