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Good afternoon,

I'd like to add my voice to the support of the arts in Ottawa. Without access to activities such as the museums, galleries and arts education supported by the city of Ottawa what this city will lose is beyond measure. We are the capital of the nation. It is time we stepped up to the plate and take our place as leaders in arts and culture.

Anyone who supports such draconian cuts to the arts in Ottawa will not receive my support in the next election. Shame on the mayor and the counselors for letting the arts community rally for tax increases.

Many thanks,

Catherine MacDonald-Zytveld

H Tel: 230-7710

424 Queen St., Apt. 705, Ottawa, K1R 5A8

Response from the only working poet on council:

>From: "Doucet, Clive" <>

>To: 'Catherine MacDonald' <>

>Subject: RE: Arts Funding

>Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 14:41:01 -0500




>I certainly agree with your views and I am working hard with many community

>activists to prepare an alternative budget that will address not only

>methods to keep these important programs in the budget, but this document

>will also be addressing the systemic inefficiencies that have spawned the

>mess we are in so that we don't get caught here again. The ultimate

>ambition is to identify and move towards alternate sources of revenue that

>would lessen the impact on the property tax by shifting the costs of the

>services provided to those who receive the most benefit, ie. user pay in

>relation to the real costs associated with new developments.


>If you are unable to attend the community budget consultation in your ward,

>please forward your comments to so your voice for

>maintaining Ottawa's cultural and recreational assets is heard.


>Clive Doucet

>Councillor, Capital Ward